Hi! I am Thenmozhi -Portrait artist

If you are looking for peace and joy through art means, hold on!!! Your search ends here… Yes!!!! I am a self-start artist who can nourish my skill via pencil, Color/pastel pencil, Oilpastel, Watercolor and Acrylic to surprise you. I am very much interested in sketching as it just get me out of the stressful day and help me get a good sleep. While sketching I focused by listening to good songs and some snacks on the side. My in-built quest in sketching ended up in developing my knowledge through other artists works, cartoons, movies and creative people. Whenever I am deeply moved with some scenario or people, I will definitely create sketches out of it. Most of my works are based on or inspired by my personal experiences. Thus, you can get a special message from each of my work for sure. I won’t continue my work if there is any small doubt or if I struck. This break may be for days or months. But that time, I miss my sketches very much and I will go through the expert’s sketches to come up with awesome ideas. This in-depth hunt has made me strong enough in pencil portrait sketches.


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